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Why Hire Ike's Painting

Ike's Painting is a certified, licensed, fully-insured painting contractor. In every detail of every project, Ike's Painting is devoted to the utmost professionalism and superior results. As a full-service painting contractor, we cut no corners; every employee is thoroughly trained, and we use only premium products and superior painting techniques so that each customer can truly expect brilliance. We take pride in our painting company. We perform our services with sincerity, diligence, and attention to detail. We provide excellent customer service and treat our customers with the utmost respect. As a result, the company has earned the praise and trust of its clients. In fact, many of the clients, who have been with us since the beginning, continue to employ our services to this day.


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Exterior Painting

Ike's Painting offers a complete line of exterior house painting services, and we know how to do the job so that it will shine for years to come. Our expert technicians properly prepare each surface for maximum performance, our painters use proven products and techniques, and our staff keeps every jobsite tidy and safe. full exterior painting

Interior Painting

Some call it their castle; others, their sanctuary. For most Americans, it is their biggest investment. Your home is an extension of your family, a reflection of who you are. Ike's Painting recognizes this, and treats your home with all possible care. As a first-rate house painting company, we specialize in transforming your home interior with class and charm.

Wood Repair And Restoration

If you own a home in Southern California you are well aware of the havoc termites and dry rot can inflict on your home. The thought of hiring multiple contractors to restore your exterior to its original state can not only be intimidating but expensive. We offer full service carpentry work with all exterior paint jobs.

What people are saying about the service

“Straight forward, honest good work from start to finish. Went with them after a three bid comparison for the job. Ike was the ONLY company that was persistent and respectful in their follow up and willing to meet my price and budget where appropriate. We had serious exterior damage on a recently acquired property that was expertly repaired. Ike's Painting provided a beautiful exterior paint job as well as a last minute add-on interior room spruce up.”

October, 18 2013 Jerry
rated us

“I just purchased a house, and was in the market for a painter. I was referred to Ike's Painting by a friend. I am thrilled that I decided to go with Ike. Not only does the house look perfect (literally perfect - I cannot find one blemish), he is also very easy to work with. He is a straight shooter and is extremely reliable and timely. I would recommend Ike to anyone who is looking for a great paint job which is tied to a professional relationship. Thanks Ike's Painting I look forward to working with you again in the future”

November, 10 2013 Carl
rated us

“I could not have imagined for a better painter & human being to paint my new apartment. As I'm a total novice, Ike took the whole responsibility and morphed into something exquisite & beautiful at a very reasonable price.The compliments keep flowing from everybody who visited my place especially the craftsmanship! Ike is always on time and highly flexible. He's become the painter for all of my needs going forward. Ike is the best!”

May, 05 2012 MOlly
rated us

“Ike's Painting has performed for both me and my best friend. First, when they did work for my home, they went above and beyond what was expected. They came back to touch up things that were not their responsibilty and simply did a superior job. For my friend, they painted their entire home. While they were slightly higher than even a very small company, but had included lots of things that the other company was not. The final project looks to be a long term paint job and not just a quick touch up.”

August, 28 2013 Heather
rated us